Deconverter is a collection of stories from people who have gone though the process of deconversion.

Deconversion is just what it sounds like: the opposite of conversion. If you considered yourself a member of a specific religious group, and now you don't, you've deconverted.

Many people inside religious circles misunderstand why some people choose to leave religion. They might assume that it's due to moral failings, rebellion, carelessness, or spiritual deception. The reality is that the process of doubting your faith is much more nuanced and complex than that, and this collection of stories exists to shine a light on what it's really like: why people begin to doubt their faith, their motivations for reconsidering their beliefs, the mental, emotional, and social struggles that people face along the way, the positive and negative changes that result from the process, and the reactions of their friends and family.

The primary focus is on deconversion from Christianity which results in an irreligious worldview, but people who have deconverted from other faiths or assumed a new religion are also very welcome to share.