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Please answer the following questions at the start of your email:

1. Would you like your name -- full or partial -- associated with your story?
2. Do you have an image/photo which can be used as the thumbnail for your story? This can be a photo of you or anything relevant to your story.
3. Do you have a title for your story? By default it will be "Submission #", or "Submission #: Your Name" (if you want your name public).
4. Would you like your email address published so that readers can contact you directly?

There is no required format that you must follow. You can talk about any aspect of your deconversion that seems important to you. In fact, you can submit essays that are not deconversion stories at all, but examinations of different aspects of religion, society, psychology, science, etc. that might be relevant to someone who is questioning their faith.

If you want to share but are struggling to figure out how to write about this, you could try answering some or all of the following questions:

• How did you become involved in this religion? Were you raised in it, or did you join later on? What caused you to believe?
• How long did you pursue this faith actively? Was it a positive thing in your life? How important was it to you personally?
• When did you start to have doubts about what you believed? Was there anything specific that triggered it? What did it feel like when your beliefs were challenged or conflicted?
How did you decide that you were done believing in your religion? Did you "come out" to your friends and family? How did they react?
• What do you believe now? How is your life different? Do you have any regrets?

Thank you very much. Don't hesitate to contact me with other questions, concerns, comments, ideas, etc. :)